LowyQ’s done the process with amazing detail because this is our passion. We are not only think about stunning design only, but we are also complete it with durability, functionality,  and finest material that made with skilled old fashion workmanship combined with new ideas to answer the need.


Handmade leather products takes longer time to make and due to the process it will cost you a more money. However, you can get all the good things that handmade product offers such as fantastic detail of the products are all yours.


In order to enjoy your leather products as long as possible, whether it’s pouch, wallet, bag, or other products, you have to take care your leather product to make it always in good condition. But, first of all,  you have to know the kind of leather you have. There are many kind of leather. You have to know it so you will get a clue how to treat your leather products.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

High durability, strength and can last an entire lifetime, and also has more natural look.

Hand Cut

Every detail cuts using old school leather knife to create an unique design.

Great Structure

Combine the functionality, durability and luxury design to create a beautiful leather goods.

Hand Stitch

There is nothing more durable than hand stitch, it makes a beautiful and strong stitching line, and we give you stitching guarantee.


Finest Linen Thread

Using finest leather threads to create a durability and beautiful stitching.


Finest Edge

Clean, shiny, smooth and durable in every edge of each LowyQ’s leather goods. With this finishing edge could last an entire lifetime.

Product Detail

This is some of LowQ’s product detail. Give you some information about stitching, edge, material and also LowyQ’s design. You can get all the good things that handmade product offers from LowyQ’s.


Short Story

There are so many beautiful things in this world God created. I choose to be a leather artisan, so everyday I could see one beautiful thing from so much other things that God has created. This is a way to life that I’ve already chosen and I grateful with that. One thing that I love and what makes me feel so happy is doing all the process to create leather goods.

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Simple, Functional, Durable and High Quality

Driven from passion to have a simple,functional, durable and high quality of leather wallet. LowyQ’s thoughtfully design and do some research in this wallet for 2 years,  just to keep the quality.


Key Chain, Watch Strap, and Bracelet

Small leather goods like key chain, watch strap and also bracelet is one of your daily essential goods that we bring to you to support your daily activity. We try to create an unique, elegant and durable product to accompany you every day.

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Hand Bag and Bag

Hand bag, Waist Bag and Messenger Bag

LowyQ’s bag designed with such a high detail. Casual yet elegant looks with durability and functionality. This would be perfect combined with finest material selection.

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